Just found out im pregnant

I'm 18 and I just found out i was pregnant yesterday. I took two home pregnancy tests over my friends house and they both came back positive right away. My two best friends were with me and they were sooo very excited. I know that my boyfriend is the father. He'll be 22 in February and I will be 19 in January. I came home and told my family. EVERYONE knows now lol but it's okay because they are all being very very supportive. I have a job interview on Friday at a daycare. Ironically, I'll be working in the infant room. My boyfriend told his mom and she's pissed off. That kind of irritated me because I'm having a baby. It's real life. It's nothing to be mad about. It's not like I have a disease! Jeeze. My sister is like jumping for joy!! My dad bought me a pregnancy magazine today and my boyfriend is going to take me to Barnes n Noble tonight to get "what to expect when you're expecting." Before I found out I was pregnant, I've been drinking a lot for like 2 years and smoking for 1. All of that is OVER. One, everyone would kill me if I did that still and two, I could never do that to a baby. Honestly though, I'm afraid for this to all be REAL. I know it is and I'm not dillusional or anything...It's just scary. Really scary. I take care of my year old cousin and my 4 and 5 year old cousins. They live here. So idk...im going to have one?? I'm happy and scared. I'm afraid something will go wrong and I will be heart broken and depressed. I'm afraid that I'm going to get HUGE. I'm very happy though at the same time. Is this normal? ha. I guess it is...I'm just buggin out.