Just found out im pregnant

I'm 18 and I just found out i was pregnant yesterday. I took two home pregnancy tests over my friends house and they both came back positive right away. My two best friends were with me and they were sooo very excited. I know that my boyfriend is the father. He'll be 22 in February and I will be 19 in January. I came home and told my family. EVERYONE knows now lol but it's okay because they are all being very very supportive. I have a job interview on Friday at a daycare. Ironically, I'll be working in the infant room. My boyfriend told his mom and she's pissed off. That kind of irritated me because I'm having a baby. It's real life. It's nothing to be mad about. It's not like I have a disease! Jeeze. My sister is like jumping for joy!! My dad bought me a pregnancy magazine today and my boyfriend is going to take me to Barnes n Noble tonight to get "what to expect when you're expecting." Before I found out I was pregnant, I've been drinking a lot for like 2 years and smoking for 1. All of that is OVER. One, everyone would kill me if I did that still and two, I could never do that to a baby. Honestly though, I'm afraid for this to all be REAL. I know it is and I'm not dillusional or anything...It's just scary. Really scary. I take care of my year old cousin and my 4 and 5 year old cousins. They live here. So idk...im going to have one?? I'm happy and scared. I'm afraid something will go wrong and I will be heart broken and depressed. I'm afraid that I'm going to get HUGE. I'm very happy though at the same time. Is this normal? ha. I guess it is...I'm just buggin out.


Congratulations! I just found out I am expecting also and I am going on three months! I am a little older (22) but I understand yours toward your boyfriends mother. I think parents just tend to say what they feel when they are presented with a shock instead of doing what they would preach and think about what they are about to say and how it will effect you and your man. Don't let her bother you she's probably one of those women who thought she wasn't old enough to be a grandma...tough luck this is life and unexpected things happen but I am sure she will come around once she sees the ultrasound or how happy you both are with your decision to be parents!

Good luck I'm sure you'll be a great mom!

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CONGRATULATIONS! Smile I recently found out that I'm expecting too and I'm also really scared! I'm happy and excited but I don't think it's actually hit me yet what's happening to me!

I'm 20 so I'm only a tiny bit older than you and I can also understand how you feel about your boyfriend's mother. Our parents were fine but when I told my grandfather, he looked like he was going to explode.

It's probably just something she wasn't expecting and even if she's difficult in the pregnancy, as soon as she sees the baby she's bound to come round! I think everyone does!

I hope everything turns out ok for you in that sense, I'm sure it will! Good luck! Sure you'll be a fantastic mummy! Smile

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Hey, I'm also 18 and pregnant! I found out shortly after my boyfriend and I broke up, I'm over 14 weeks pregnant and showing yet he still won't believe me but that's fine. I don't want him to try and help me, I want him to be in the baby's life but not mine.

Anyways my point is CONGRATULATIONS!! And you'll be fine as long as you have some kind of support system. I've learned that lesson. Good luck and if you need to talk I'm here.