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well today is march 21 2011 and my husband and i have been tring to have our second little one for over a year now. the first time we decided we wanted a child it took us a year and three rounds of clomid! i have been on clomid now since jan of 2010 they decided in aug that it was not working this time so they took me off it i decided its to hard to be on the clomid any way it makes me very emotional and crazy but when i went in in jan this year my doc said he can not help anymore and that sent me to a re he looked at my chart and decided to try me on femera and i was hoping it would help i am now on day 22 of my cycle and tring to not think about it. Everyone in my family tells me it will happen when its time i am so tired of hearing it my whole life seams to in a uproar nothing is certain you know when your little you always think you will grow up have a house and get married have a couple babies, well now everything has changed i am married can not get a house and can not get pregnant i have always been the one in the family that wanted kids from day one. and now that the stuipd bastard stole 6500 dollars from me i can not get a house nhow come everything works out this way for me i work hard and i do what i am supposed to i always help when i see people need it i am so tired of never getting anything