Keep it to yourself lady

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We spent a few hours at the bookstore this afternoon. Reading books for expectant fathers and all sorts of terrifying things for mommies. The thought of some of those 'symptoms' is kind of unnerving. And then of course, here I sit panicking that if I don't have that this must all be an illusion. I don't know when I will really start to believe all of it and be confident. I know that I'm pregnant; I just wouldn't mind 15 medical professionals telling me that as well! Back to the bookstore.

As we sat reading and giggling a woman asked us how far along we were. I told her not very far and although she was congratulatory she felt the need to tell us that people could see us and that sitting in the pregnancy section was a dead giveaway. Um, thanks but I don't think we're all that worried. Besides, non of our friends hang out in the bookstore at 6pm on a Sunday...

I see now, that people are going to have a lot to say to us in the next oh, 18 years. Let the 'helping' begin. Good thing I'm super new at this and I might actually listen to the opinions for a while.

Little poppy seed you are going to hear a lot of voices in there, I hope that the ones you listen to are your mommy's and daddy's. We're already in love with you.