Kelsey Grammer and New Wife Expecting Twins!

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Chatter: Kelsey Grammer and His New Wife are Expecting Twins

Kelsey GrammerBackstage during last night's Golden Globe Awards, Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" fame and now starring in STARZ Channel's "Boss" series, announced that his latest wife, Kayte, 32, is expecting twins. Grammer, 56, is also famous or perhaps infamous for his role in committing adultery with his new wife while still married to Camille Grammer of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Indeed, those who have watched the "Real Housewives" show know that while Grammer was off in New York last year performing on Broadway and Camille was in Los Angeles raising the kids (with the help of a full staff, of course), Grammer was busy getting to know the woman who would become his next wife. The episodes where Camille flew to New York to spend time with Kelsey were painful to watch. He could not have been colder.

Grammer has now been married four times and has four children and a grandson.

He was first married to dance instructor Doreen Alderman for 8 years which whom he had one daughter in the early 90's.

He later had a daughter with hair and makeup stylist Barrie Buckner.

His second marriage, to stripper Leigh-Anne Csuhany in September of 1992, lasted one year. According to Grammer, she had psychological issues and also miscarried a child.

In 1994. he met and was engaged to 28-year-old Tammy Baliszewski, also known as Tammy Alexander. They appeared on the cover of People magazine, announcing their engagement and Grammer's substance abuse problems. They broke up in 1995.

Grammer married Camille Donatacci, a former Playboy model in 1997. They have a daughter and a son.

While we certainly wish Kayte a happy and healthy pregnancy, one can't help but wonder about the longevity and health and happiness of the marriage given Grammer's record.

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