Kindergarten Career Aptitude Test in the Works

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the News: Kindergarten Students New Target for Aptitude Tests

Aptitude testIf you thought you had time to worry about your child studying for and taking their SAT and ACT tests, you don't. A new digital tool to test academic and behavioral skills will target students starting in kindergarten. The test is intended to gauge a student's traits towards certain careers.

There's no question that the kindergarten of prior generations is not what it is now.

My kindergarten involved naps, finger painting and some basic academics while my child's version skipped the naps and added much more comprehensive academics -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Why add-in career aptitude testing?

ACT, the organization that developed the ACT college-entrance exam, will start testing the tool in the fall. It will be available to schools starting in 2014. The tool tracks students' career interests, academic performance and progress toward goals. The test will follow students from kindergarten throughout high school.

Jon Erickson, president of ACT's education division, said the goal is to identify and address gaps in skills needed for college and the workforce. The assessment combines traditional testing with teacher-led projects to generate an instant, digital score.

"It's a multimillion dollar project," ACT officials said, "but will be affordable and easily accessible."

Schools won't be compelled to use the new tool, but Erickson said he anticipates that entire states or groups of states will choose to utilize it. The tool can be customized to include state-specific benchmarks and other performance measures.

What do you think about this test? is it necessary? Are we not letting our kids be kids anymore? Sound off!