knowing that you are pregnant not easy

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i am 19 years old and the funny thing is that i would love to know if i am pregnant not that i want to be but hey it's a bundle of joy i could work with that. i began spotting april 8th-11th and that was the first time i witness the spotting and i had cramps and everything i took a pregnancy test but it was negative and all due respect i went to the doc and they told me i had UTI so i took the antibiotics i was fine afterward now its bin 10 weeks and i stil have not seen my period is something wrong with me cuz i pee alot my boobs itch and they got bigger and now my tummy itches and got stretch marks plz someone explain cuz now im freaking out here but i have not tell my doc yet and did not take another pregnancy test im just wondering can i get an answer from one of u who had exprience plz help