Laura's Letters-A Pregnancy Blog

Hi everyone,
So my DH and I just found out that we are pregnant last Wednesday. I went to my GP for sciatica, she wanted to do some X-rays and did a prgnancy test before them. I was curious about the results for the lab test so I called a friend that I work with (we are both nurses in the facility where my test was done) and she told me it was positive. When I told DH he was so excited, couldn't stop smiling! My initial reaction was excitement followed very closely be terror. This is my third pregnancy in 9 months, I miscarried the first time at 4 weeks and the 2nd time at 6 weeks. I am praying like crazy that this pregnancy goes well and is without complication. I have been trending my own Hcg levels since I work in the hospital and so far they have been tripling every 48-72 hours. I am just really hopeful that this will be a full-term pregnancy, lots of prayers needed. My first OB appt is scheduled for this coming Monday 17 Aug 2009. Hope all goes well!