Lesbian and Not knowing Fertility

I am very unsure of what to do anymore. Not willing to give up but wanting too. I have been trying to get pregnant since April of last year.
I either need a few pointers or a really good doctor that can tell me what exactly is going on and how to fix it on a medicaid budget.
My partner and I have been trying so very hard. I've been researching my little heart out and trying various things and methods that I can afford but I'm not exactly sure if we are doing anything right or if everything wrong. I've been trying to take good care of myself, but when I think for a minute that I am, I find out that I've gain weight instead of losing it and that my health is good but my testoterone and thyroid are off the charts.

When will the maddness end and we can be happy and have a beautiful baby!

I am the kind of person if I can fix it with something natural then I will. My body responds to herbal remedies and better diets and veggies.

I've been very careful of everything I put in my body of how I take care of my body. I know stress if never good for me aside of getting pregnant I have a nerve problem that gets worse the more I get stressed.

I need some kind of advise so I know I'm not doing everything completely wrong. I'm not sure if it's me or the person helping us get pregnant. I'm not sure anymore.

I've been going to the gym, eating my veggies and fruit, eating chicken, going to the doctor trying to fix anything that is wrong with me like a good person should!

Besides my Testosterone and my Thyroid which I have some herbal remedies I am taking for I am in need of dentures at 29 years old! My teeth are literally falling apart. As soon as I get one tooth fixed another just cracks and falls apart. (genetics)

A doctor that I've seen once,...looked at me and told me I have PCOS because I have facial hair. She didn't do any tests, just looked at me and said you have it. My periods have been regular up till we started trying to conceive.

I've never had it before. I was just fine everything has been normal except my thyroid! How can this be?

I've had 2 wonderful children already and wish to have another one. How can it be so hard??? Is it me??? Is it Our friend helping us???

Am I too stressed?? Do I really have PCOS just out of the blue?? My Partner has been living with it since she was a little girl and I suddenly have it too??? How is that?

I need any kind of help. Please someone give me some advice I feel like I'm going bonkers over here without knowing what to do???? ='(