Less than Two Weeks

The pregnancy is settling in my mind. I have my first ob appointment in less than two weeks on April 21. I changed it to 1:30 pm instead of 10:15 am so that Paul could only take a half day from work. They've been kind of weird about time off lately, not nearly as nice as his last bank was.

There is a lot going on between now and the appointment. Tomorrow is Paul's birthday. He'll be 29. He hasn't been very helpful with telling me what he wants for a cake. Easter is Sunday. It's Brian's first year he might actually remember things. We have a basket for him and are going to color eggs on Saturday. On Tuesday I have a visit form a nurse through Humana for my kidneys. She's tracking down bloodwork and histories as I type. She'll be here at 2 pm. Wednesday Jim and Kathy fly in late night. Paul has to get them from the airport. They're staying for until Sunday. I don't know what we're going to do while they are here. I mean we're going to tell them we're pregnant. But other than that, I don't know. Paul, Brian, and I have to go to WIC on Saturday morning. Well, Paul doesn't have to go...just Brian and me. I'd like him to go, but his parents might get upset about us going when they have flown all the way to see us. We'll see. Half a morning should be an okay amount of time to have for ourselves...Maybe we should have them come with us, but I can't shake that that would be a bad idea. MIL really has a problem that we are on WIC to begin with.