less worried...

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So according to my prgnancy calandar I am about 6 weeks... could be less.

The night I found out I was expecting I was "shocked", worried, freaked, happy, etc. But more worried then anything.

So far everything SEEMS to be going well, still preganant as far as I know! For me one of my first signs of pregnancy is changes to my breast... sadly I remember waking up at 3:00am last Christmas eve to get ready for work noticing my breast were not "heavy" nor tender... when I got to work after a few hours I had to pee and.... the bleeding started.

I woke up this morning and my stomache was in knots... not from morning sickness (that came later :0) but because my breast didn't seem to hurt... instantly I thought "oh no! not again." but two seconds later my puppy bounded upon me and ya I felt the tenderness in my breast! Ouch!

Morning sickness has crept upon me the last few days... ugg! I forgot how un fun it is!

On a wonderful note my son Gavin turned 4 today!!!! He had an awesome Monster truck themed birthday... and got a bike that he has been asking for, for months. He even kissed the baby (my tummy) and said "i love you". Funny the first time he did it I said, "I love you too." and he replied, "I was not talking to you I was talking to the baby." LOL! He is so excited and curious...
He wants a brother and I a girl... but as long as its a baby I don't care!

Speaking of Gavin... he wants to go take his bath... got to run!