Life is getting crazy but I love it!!

I'm pregnant with my fourth.. Yes my fourth. Eleven weeks in and we are getting ready to move five hours away. In february. With a 2,3, and 6 year old. Pregnant for my fourth and my chihuahua just had five puppies.. Life is crazy.. So I bet your wondering how I deal with it?? Simple.. My husband helps and I just stopped being so picky. My house doesn't have to be spotless. Dinner does not have to be gourmet organic. My kids don't have to be on a strict schedule. Except bedtime!! They play freely and watch cartoons. Life is great as long as my kids are happy and healthy and mommy gets some relax time. Morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue aren't bringing me down.. I got super strength!! Lol.. So meanwhile I have no idea how I'm going to make friends in reading, pa when I get there.. But its a much bigger house alot cheaper than what I pay here and four kids are expensive!! Anyone else having the same problems?? Let me know!!