Love Enough for Two

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by Melissa Cook

It was getting close to the time for me to deliver our 2nd child, just 6 short weeks away. Throughout the pregnancy, I was so excited about having another child. I LOVED being a mommy. I just knew I would love being the mommy of two babies!

I already had everything ready for our baby-to-be. I even prepared my first born in every possible way I could think for the birth of his little brother. We were set! Now all we needed was Baby.

One morning, I awoke, and fear just fell over me. I loved my son so much. He was the light and the joy of my life. I hated to admit it, but my world revolved around his. We spent hours together, day in and day out. We went everywhere together -- he became my little buddy.

How on earth could I possibly love anyone else as much as I love him? Did I have enough love in my heart for 2 little boys? I was so scared and worried that I couldn't possibly love another child as much as this. Where was it going to come from? Days went by, and the same fear over came me. I just didn't know how I was going to do it.

Three weeks later the time came. I was in labor, albeit three weeks early, but there was no turning back at this point. After 11 hours of labor, our second son was born. He came out so fast, the amniotic fluid didn't have time to be expelled from his lungs. This caused an increase in his respirations, so he had to be monitored on a machine for his breathing for the first day and a half of his life. Any little thing would excite him, and kick his respirations up again, so everything had to be calm around him.

That night after he was born into this world, he couldn't calm down. His respirations remained at a high level. I went into the nursery to be with my newborn son. I walked in and started talking to him. That excited him even more. I knew if I didn't get him to calm down again, I would have to leave. So, I started to sing a lullaby, the same lullaby I would sing to his big brother every night before he went to sleep. I patted his back, and sang as softly as I could.

Almost instantaneously, his respirations calmed. He fell fast asleep and was content. In that instant, my heart filled with a joy and warmth that was familiar. I KNEW I was in love with this little child that was my own. I KNEW now that there would be enough love not only for my second child, but more if it came to it. This little guy became my other light and joy of my life. Now I had not only one, but two beautiful children to call my own. Just looking at this tiny little being made my heart sing. That's when I knew that there was definitely love enough for two!

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