Marie Chronicles -- Entry Ten

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These last three weeks have been really nice. I'm feeling really well, and I kind of have calmness about me. I feel very at peace with my pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks and every time I say that, it truly amazes me. I can't believe I am so far along already. My level II sonogram with the perinatologist is in just a week and a half. I am very excited about it, and I am really hoping that we will get to find out the genders of these two little ones.

Two weeks ago, I was having a hard time. Dave got laid off from his job, and I lost my health insurance. We had the option of getting Cobra, but it would have cost us about $1000 a month. There is no way we could afford that, so I had to go down to the Medicaid office and apply. I qualified for a bunch of different benefits, but I just don't feel comfortable taking anything but the insurance. So, I just had me and my children signed up so that we will be sure to have insurance. I was so freaked out when Dave got laid off. Being pregnant and having no income source has to be one of the scariest moments in anyone's life. We are just so thankful that it happened when we got our tax refund. If it weren't for that money, I just don't even want to think what kind of trouble we would have been in.

I am doing a lot better now. We qualified for the Medicaid and Dave got a new job. He starts on Monday, and we are looking at houses to rent. We wanted to use our income tax refund to buy a house this year, but with Dave loosing his job, we had to use that money to live on and pay bills. So, we have just decided to rent for another year, and hopefully things will work out next year and we will be able to buy then.

As far as the pregnancy itself, I am doing great. I am feeling pretty good, tired, but good. My allergies seem to be letting up, which is a huge bonus. I am still getting some headaches, but thankfully, Tylenol alone seems to be taking care of them. My tummy is getting so big. I feel cute and pregnant right now. I am also feeling little flutters a lot more often. Especially when I am eating. About halfway through my meals, I start feeling lots of little kicks. It's a lot fun. I just really love being pregnant.

We saw the babies on the ultrasound last week. They used an old machine that didn't have a printer, so I didn't get a picture, but it was still really wonderful to see them. We saw the face of one baby, and it was so cute. At the last ultrasound, we were a little worried because we couldn't see the dividing line between the two of them. But this time, the line was very visible, so there is nothing to worry about there. It just amazes me how big they are. And the fact that I have two of them in there is just mind-boggling. When you see those two little bodies on the ultrasound, it just gives you this feeling that is impossible to describe. Its amazing, truly amazing, and I feel so blessed to get to be a mother of twins. I've started talking to them all the time. Every time I feel them move, I get excited and say "hi!!" to my belly.

I finally talked Dave into letting me rent a Doppler from an online store. It's the same kind of Doppler that the Doctors office uses. It came today and it has been so much fun listening to the babies! I have found each baby with it. They decided to be stubborn when I was on the phone with my friend and when I tried to let Frances listen, but they eventually cooperated and they got to hear them. Frances thought it was really neat. I can't wait for Dave to get home so I can share it with him too!

I'm feeling very happy and wonderful right now. I hope that it keeps up, because I just love feeling this way!

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