Marie Chronicles -- Entry 11

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February 23:
Can I get a new head for the next 4 months? These headaches are getting old. I never had a problem with them the first two pregnancies but I sure did with Andrew and this one -- WOWZERS!! I'm going through Tylenol like candy. I get so worried because all this Tylenol can't be good for the babies. I just deal with it most days because I'm getting to where I don't think this is healthy. Can you get addicted to Tylenol?? I've gotten to where I wont even let myself take two. I only take one, when it's so bad that it is literally pounding.

February 26:
What a week this has been!! I have been so stressed out about the sonogram. I know it is horrible, but I want at least one girl so bad, I can taste it. I've been so scared about it, because I am afraid they are going to tell me either they can't see anything or that both babies are boys. I have literally been praying every night for God to give me at least one girl. These are going to be my last babies, regardless of their sexes, and I would just love to have a girl to raise. First and foremost, I want healthy babies that don't have any problems, and don't have to stay in the NICU.I would rather have two boys that are healthy and have no problems at all, then have two sick little girls that have to stay in the NICU. I do want at least one little girl, though. I've been so stressed out and haven't been sleeping very well. My sonogram is tomorrow and I plan to continue this entry after we get back. I've been so anxious today. I have posted like crazy on all the boards I belong to, just to try and stay busy. Between posting on the bulletin boards like crazy, playing with the boys, and baking chocolate chip cookies (that I probably don't need *laughs*) I've stayed pretty busy today. I'm sure I won't sleep well, tonight, though. I'm just too excited. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas...

February 28:
Well, we had our sonogram yesterday...and they are BOTH girls! I just can't believe it. I am still in shock. This is the first time I have been calm enough to sit down and write about it! It was just an amazing day yesterday. I was on air all day, and I still am!! I was hoping for one girl, but to get TWO!? That is just amazing and I keep laughing and crying at the same time about it.

We got to the perinatologist's office just a few minutes before 9:00 a.m. My mom was supposed to meet us there, but she wasn't there yet. I was worried that she was stuck in traffic and wasn't going to make it in time. She has never gotten to see a sonogram, and I really wanted her there for this one. I went inside and signed in and gave them all my insurance information, while Dave waited outside the doors for her. She finally made it about 5 minutes after 9:00 a.m., and luckily they hadn't called me back yet. She got there in the nick of time, though; because they called us back almost as soon as she had sat down in the waiting room!

The perinatologist doing our sonogram was really nice. When she started the scan, she showed us the thick dividing membrane and the two placentas. She that one placenta was anterior, on the front wall of my uterus, and one was posterior, on the back wall of my uterus. They are both situated pretty high up, so we don't have to worry about low-lying placenta, which was a big relief.

She said she was going to start on the right twin (now known as Hannah). She took all of Hannah's measurements. We got to see her brain really well, and it is developing just as it should. We also got to see all four chambers of her heart, which was really neat to see. I've never had a doctor take them time to show me everything they were looking at. When we were trying to get a good shot of Hannah's lips, to make sure there was no clefting, she had a really hard time, because Hannah kept putting her hands in front of her face and sucking on her thumb! It was so sweet. We finally did get to see her lips, and they are fine. She took a profile picture of Hannah and you can see her thumb in her mouth in the picture.

She proceeded to look at all of her anatomy and organs and then tried to take a peek to see her gender. Well, Hannah didn't want to cooperate at all. My heart was pounding the whole time we were trying to see Hannah's gender, and then when she said that we would have to come back to her, because she wasn't going to cooperate, my heart sunk. She told me not to worry, and she would probably be able to see it after we had a look at the left twin (now known as Heather). We had an easier time getting Heathers measurements. She doesn't appear to be a thumb sucker just yet.

We got a nice picture of her profile, with a lot of her body in the picture as well. We got a good look at all of Heather's organs and anatomy, and just like Hannah, everything is perfect. The brain looked good, all four chambers of the heart were visible, and there was no clefting in her lips. Now, time to look for her gender. Well, Heather didn't feel like being any more cooperative in that area, than Hannah was, in fact, she was worse! She decided to cross her legs and be stubborn! My heart really sunk this time. I just knew I was going to leave the office, not knowing what either of my baby's genders was. The perinatologist told me not to worry, that a second perinatologist was going to come in and double check everything, and a lot of times, babies that didn't cooperate with the first scan, cooperated with the second. That gave me a little hope. But, she said she would go back over and look at the right twin again, and see if she had moved.

Well, she had! We got a good peek between her legs and saw three little white lines -- the labia of a baby GIRL! She said to us, "I think this one is a girl! Yup, this one is a girl for sure here is her labia!" We were so happy I just couldn't believe it. I started crying and laughing. She printed us a picture of it, so that we could share it with everyone. She circled the area in the picture, so when you look inside the circle, you can see the three white lines of her labia.

I joked with her and said that I had seen lots of 'boy parts' sonograms, and those were NOT boy parts! She laughed and said, "Nope, those definitely are not 'boy parts'." Well, if I thought I was floating then, I had no idea of the feeling I was about to get. She said she was going to go back over to the left twin and see if anything was visible there. After a few giggles of my tummy, we finally got Heather to uncross her legs and move around. It was then that I heard, "And I think this one is a girl too!" I said, "What?!?" And she goes, "Wait a minute..." I said, "No! No wait a minute - you said girl!" She said, "No, I am getting a better shot, she is opening her legs up more. Yep, this one is definitely a girl too!" And she took that picture and printed it for us, as well. She did the same thing with this picture, and circled the labia.

I started bawling at this point and so did my mom. I grabbed Dave's hand and looked at him, and he had tears in his eyes too. He has wanted a girl for just as long as I have, so this meant so much to both of us. My mom started cheering and teasing me saying that I needed to call my OB and set up my tubal ligation. *Laughs* It was such a wonderful feeling. I couldn't, and still cant, believe that I am having TWO little girls! I keep going, "Wow! I am having twin girls!" After that, the perinatologist said that she was going to go get the other doctor, to do the double check on everything. She told me that they like to have two people scan their twin moms; just to be sure everything is okay.

I sat up for a few minutes and looked at all the pictures she had printed us with my mom and Dave. We were all laughing and crying and just so happy all around. The second perinatologist came in a few minutes later, and we did the second scan, it went faster than the first. She looked over all the anatomy and said that everything looked good, and she agreed that both babies were female! So, I had confirmation from two people that my twins were girls! I think the first perinatologist was just as excited as I was! She kept congratulating us. When I asked her if she was sure, she said, "I'm 100% sure -- I wouldn't have played with your emotions like that, if I wasn't. You're having two girls."

We checked out and made our appointment to go back in 4 weeks. My mom and I told everyone we saw that it was two girls. Once we got into the parking lot, I let out a little squeal and then my mom screamed at the top of her lungs, "TWO GIRLS!" *Laughs* It was so funny. She hugged me, and we danced around the parking lot.

On our way home, I told Dave that I HAD to buy something. I have waited 3 years for a little girl of my own, and I was going to buy something pink! So, we stopped on the way home and I bought matching pink dresses with ruffled bloomers and headbands for them. Well, I wasn't the only one itching to buy pink! My mom came over yesterday evening, and when I answered the door she was holding two shopping bags and said, "Happy sonogram day!" She got the girls matching dresses, a cap and bootie set for each, and a pair of white eyelet lace slip on shoes for each. It is all so cute. I can't wait to get more matching girl stuff!

When I told all of my friends yesterday, it was so special. My best friend Amber is someone I have never met in person. She lives all the way across the country, and telling her that she was going to have two nieces was so special. She said she started shaking when I told her. A lot of my other friends said they burst into tears when they found out, because they knew how bad I wanted this. It is so special knowing that you have friends that you have never met in person that care so deeply about you. It made it so wonderful to share my news with them.

I'm still on Cloud 9. Yesterday couldn't have been more perfect. I can't wait to meet the daughters that I have waited so long for. I truly feel blessed. I am not only the mother of twins, but I am the mother of twin girls -- something I have always wanted. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted this, and for it to finally come true is something truly amazing.