Marie Chronicles -- Entry 12

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March 2: I am still on air since the ultrasound. I have been getting paranoid thinking "maybe they were wrong" I've scoured every ultrasound gallery website I can find. I am feeling a lot more reassured that the babies are indeed girls. My ultrasound pictures look just like the ones in the galleries.

March 6: It's been exactly one week since the ultrasound and I am really starting to get used to the idea of having twin girls!! It's so neat. They are moving a lot more now, and I am beginning to think that perhaps the anterior placenta has moved, because I am feeling more movement in the front. That would be so wonderful if it moved. Dr. Weihs said it was nothing to worry about, but I would feel so much better if it was at the top where it belongs.

I've been buying things on eBay, getting ready for the girls. It is so nice knowing their genders because now I feel like I can actually DO something. I've been getting cloth-diapering supplies. I bought a dozen good quality prefolds and 8 pairs of newborn size plastic pants. I have my eye on an auction for 3 Velcro wraps. I hope the price doesn't go to high, and I can win it.

March 7: What a crappy day! I woke up this morning having a lot of contractions. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then in the 20 minutes that I was laying in bed relaxing and waking up. I had 3 strong contractions right in a row. So, I told Dave (who had the day off today) to get the boys their breakfast, because I needed to stay in bed. I stayed in bed all day, and the contractions never went away. I couldn't tell if they were regular or not, but I knew I was having more than I ever had in a day before.

So, I called Dr. Weihs and asked what I should do. She wanted me to come in and get checked out, so off to the doctor I go. She checked my cervix and said it was, "like a rock," still very long and closed up. That was good news, although I felt foolish for running to the doctor over some Braxton Hicks contractions. We did a sonogram, to check on the girls, and they are both doing well.

We also found out what was causing a lot of my contractions. Heather has her head up Hannah's butt and Hannah is pushing out on my uterus trying to move out of the way. We saw it happen right on the ultrasound, and I had a contraction as soon as she did it. It's going to be hard, but Dr. Weihs told me to just try to ignore the contractions unless they get really painful and frequent or if I spot or have a funny discharge.

I'm just having a really hard time doing that. When you've had pre-term labor so many times, and you've had two babies delivered pre-mature you have a real hard time saying to yourself, "these are just Braxton Hicks, ignore them." Because, what is going through your mind is, "Are these the real thing? Do I need medication? Do I need to be on bedrest? Am I dilating?" I guess it's just something I am going to have to learn to deal with. As hard as it may be, I've got to; otherwise the next 14 to 16 weeks are going to be very long and filled with many false alarm trips to the doctor. I am feeling really grouchy about it right now. I just feel foolish. I know I have reason to be concerned, but I still feel foolish.

March 9: Well, I have gotten over my grouchy outlook on Thursday's episode, and have found the humor in it. It really is kind of funny when you think about Heather shoving her head up Hannah's butt. *Laughs* Every time I can tell Hannah is pushing out, I look down at my belly and say "Heather, get out of your sisters butt!"

I've kind of gotten a nesting bug today. I dug out all of the baby girl clothes out of the garage that my sister-in-law gave me before they moved. I hadn't noticed it before, but they smelled so bad! My brother is a smoker and smokes in the house, so naturally all of the clothes are reeking with smoke. Even the bassinet she gave me was affected. It not only smelled bad, but it was stained! Instead of being white, it was ecru colored! I was just planning to look through the clothes and take an "inventory" of them so I would have some sort of an idea of what I still needed. But, once I smelled how awful the smoke was on them, and how discolored and smelly the bassinet was, I decided that they really needed to be washed before being stored again. So, I threw all of the clothes into the washer with some of my detergent. I figured they could be washed with mild baby detergent once I have a dresser to put them in. I also completely took the bassinet apart and hand washed the cover in the bathtub and then hung it on my clothesline to dry. By the time I brought it in, it just smelled heavenly! Its also bright white again, like it should be.

It felt so good to do a little preparing for the girls. I fawned over all the little clothes and matched up the ones that coordinated. It was a lot of fun. Frances kept laughing at me when I said, "Look, one can wear the yellow gown, and one can wear the pink gown!"

March 11: Yesterday at church was a lot of fun. We missed church last Sunday, so our Sunday school class still hadn't heard our news about having two girls. They were all so excited for us and all the women kept joking with me, telling me it was going to be like starting all over again.

Boy, they aren't kidding! On the way to church, we were riding the elevator down to the first floor of our Sunday school building and there was an older man in the elevator car with us. I was talking to Dave and said something about, "after the babies are born." The older man looked at me and said, "that's one way to turn the word baby into the scariest word in the world -- add a 's' to it." *Laughs* I thought it was so cute. He wished us well as we got off the elevator and Dave and I chuckled about it all the way across the parking lot to the sanctuary.

Physically, I am starting to get uncomfortable. I am hoping maybe it's just a faze thing, but I have a feeling that I am going to have to learn to deal with this for the next few months. I have gotten to where I can't stand things to confine my belly, thighs, or butt even my maternity pants. This sort of thing never bothered me with the boys, but it sure does now. I think it has to do with how high I am carrying this time. The tummy panel in all my pants is irritating me. It feels like at the bottom, where the panel meets the regular fabric just cuts into me horribly. Even the larger sizes do this to me. The only pants I have found to even be moderately comfortable are my khakis that only has side panels, and have an actual zipper and button in the front. They don't cut into my groin area, so I don't mind wearing them.

Otherwise, I have been wearing my sundresses a lot around the house, just to keep things off of my belly. I think I am going to try to find more pants with the side panels in them, hopefully in fabric other than khaki. I notice I waddle all the time now. I have the "pregnant walk," that's for sure. I know I'm not very big yet, and I am going to get even bigger, but I just feel so huge right now. I hope I get adjusted to this. I can't imagine being this uncomfortable for the next few months.

This week has been a pretty good one. I do feel a little overtaxed physically, but emotionally, I am doing really well. I love feeling the babies move and I am getting really excited about having 2 daughters to go along with my 3 sons. It feels like it's the perfect balance, and I am so blessed to have it.