Marie Chronicles -- Entry 13

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March 25
I'm starting to feel really bad. Yesterday we went to my brother in laws house for a birthday party, and unknown to us, his kids just got over a nasty stomach virus!! So far tonight, all three boys have thrown up, and I feel like I'm going to. I'm so irritated with him right now, I can't see straight! Why would you invite three small children and a pregnant woman over if your kids have just been sick!? I wish people had more consideration. Not only that, they thought their daughter had pink eye!!! Luckily, I could tell it wasn't pink eye, just a scratch in her eye, but why in the world would you invite people over thinking your child had something has highly contagious as pink eye and a stomach virus?! I'm just so mad I could spit nails.

March 27: What an awful virus!! I can't believe how sick I got! Dave ended up having to stay home from work to take care of me, and watch the kids. He was up all night with the kids. They kept throwing up, and so did I. They felt better in the morning, but I threw up for most of the day. Luckily, I was right and my niece did not have pink eye, just a scratch in her eye. I would have been absolutely furious if we had managed to get this stomach virus AND pink eye. I'm still so irritated at Roy I can't see straight. The next time we get invited over to his house, I am going to interrogate him about the health of everyone there before we accept.

On the bright side...*laughs* I had another level II sonogram today. It was wonderful. I just went in by myself. Dave stayed with the kids. The girls are still girls. *Laughs* I cant believe how worried I was that they were going to say "oh no, we were wrong -- there's a penis". But, they didn't!! The Labial folds were even more prominent now than they were 4 weeks ago. They are so active, too. I couldn't believe how much the move!! I actually felt, AND saw a kick from Hannah, too!! That was really neat. She kicked out both legs at once, and I saw it on the screen at the same time I felt it. That was one of the neatest things. Being able to see what your feeling. The girls are already fighting like sisters, too. *Laughs* Heather kept kicking Hannah, and Hannah would either kick or hit her back. They both kept flipping around too. It looks like Heather is still presenting as a breech, but with the way she moves, that will probably change at least a dozen times every hour. I could tell that she was breech, because I kept feeling lots of ticks and tickles down in my groin area. They also told me that each of the girls' weigh a little over a pound.

I also had a regular OB checkup right after my sonogram. It went really well. I guess being sick yesterday took a few pounds off me, because I hadn't put on any weight. I'm still at an 11-pound total gain, which is only 7 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. My blood pressure was really good too, only 114/64. When they measured my fundus, I couldn't believe how high it was!! 30 centimeters!! That is a 30-week singleton pregnancy uterus!! So, I am measuring 7 and a-half weeks ahead. I knew I would measure large but WOW that's a lot! No wonder it feels like my ribs are being pushed out! I asked her if we were going to be checking me for funneling, and she said that we wouldn't because it wouldn't change the fact that I am going to deliver early if I funnel or not. And it would just add to much stress and worry to both of us to check for it. She said we would just stick to being worried about what the outside of my cervix is doing.

So, everything looks good!! I am happy that my girls are growing so well and doing so well.

March 28: I am having lots of contractions tonight. I was sitting in the recliner and watching TV with Dave and noticed two or three so I decided to start timing them. I had 12 in one hour. They ranged from 10 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart...I got up and went to the restroom...Emptying my bladder seemed to help them ease up a lot, but they are still there. I just wish there was a way to know if these were "productive" contractions or not. I don't want to go rushing off to the hospital for nothing, but I don't want to stay home when it's something serious. They aren't hurting and Dr. Weihs did tell me to ignore them if they didn't hurt. But gosh, it's just so hard when you are having so many. I was just checked yesterday, and I was closed up then. ARGH! I just wish I knew what was going on with these!! It's so darn frustrating! I think I am definitely going to ask her if we can start doing the fetal fibronectin tests. At least that will give me 2 worry free weeks.

March 29: Well, I didn't rush off to the hospital last night. I'm so glad too. I guess I was right; it turned out to be nothing. I drank a big glass of water, emptied my bladder, and then went to bed. I woke up not having any contractions at all. So, it was just a false alarm. I realized something interesting, though. Last night we had a full moon. A lot of people call it superstition, but for some reason, a full moon brings on contractions. I even talked to a labor and delivery nurse about it once. She said it was true, that they always have lots of people come to the unit in labor on a full moon. So, maybe it was just a full moon causing all my problems! *Laughs*

April 3rd: I haven't written in a few days. Quite a lot has happened, though. On Friday night, I started having contractions again. Not a whole lot, but it was the way they felt that made me worry. They were hurting all down my lower back and in my perineum area. I knew that wasn't normal, so I called my doctors office, and the doctor on call told me to go to Labor and Delivery. I wasn't having many contractions in L&D, but when they checked my cervix, I had definitely changed. The first nurse thought I was 3 centimeters, I got so scared and started bawling. All I could think about was "they aren't viable yet"...Luckily she had the charge nurse come in and check behind her because she was having a hard time finding it. Both the charge nurse and the doctor on call agreed that I was not 3 centimeters, but I was very soft and the outside of my cervix was 1 centimeter, but the inside was still closed. I got put on strict bedrest. They told me I couldn't even stand in my shower.

My church has been just awesome. They are helping me with my children, and making us dinner. My mom has been over several times, doing laundry and cleaning, and even baked us a quiche last night.

I went in to see my own OB today. She said that I have changed since last Wednesday, but that I felt just how they said I did on Friday night. So, I was having changing contractions on Friday night, but haven't changed since then. She said that I needed to stay on bedrest; but that I could at least take a shower (standing up) and I can sit at my table and have dinner with my family each night. I'm also allowed to go to my baby shower on May 4th! I just had to promise that I would stay seated during it and go right to bed as soon as we get home afterward. I forgot to ask if I am allowed to attend church on Sundays, I am going to have to call back and ask about that.

I'm still very emotional about going into pre-term labor so soon. I expected it, but I NEVER expected it this early. I'm only 23 and a-half weeks. I was expecting it around 28 weeks, but not now. I am doing okay, though. I find myself crying sometimes, but I usually find a friend online or someone calls and talks me through it. I just want my little girls to be healthy. And as bored as I get, I know its best for them. Dave has really helped me get through my boredom. He put cable in our bedroom, and moved my computer right next to the bed. I can prop up on my pillows and either watch TV or talk to friends on the computer! I think I will get through bedrest, its going to be long, but having these few luxuries make it a lot easier. My goal is to get the girls to at least 32 weeks. I really want to get to 35 weeks, but if I get to 32, then they have a really good chance at being okay. I know I can make it; I'm going to do everything possible. I'm so thankful for all the support and loving friends and family that are helping us through this.