Marie Chronicles -- Entry Two

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I went to my new OB today for my first prenatal appointment. Things went very well. I am very impressed with her and already like her a lot. The office is small and quaint. I sat with the nurse and talked to her about my history for about 45 minutes. They gave me TONS of samples for prenatal vitamins, too. When I saw the doctor, she came in and introduced herself to me and we "got to know each other" for about 20 minutes before she left for me to change (another thing I was impressed with, she met me before they made me put on that flimsy "gown").

My physical exam went well. I got the normal pap smear and all. When she did the internal exam, she told me that I have a tilted uterus. No one has ever told me that before. I asked her if my uterus felt the a little small for 7 weeks (based on LMP, which I am positive is wrong) and she actually said no, that it felt right. This kinda scares me and excites me all at the same time. I know that I can't possibly be any more than 5 weeks along (three weeks gestation), so that would mean my uterus is a little big. Hmmmmm could I possibly have more than one little blessing hiding in there or is my uterus just still big from having three children occupy it in the last 4 1/2 years? I jokingly told Dave that if I was pregnant with twins, then I really hope its girls...two more boys to the five we have would just do me in!

She said that since my HCG was only 84 a week and a half ago, she would do an ultra sound to date my pregnancy (and see just how many might be in there). She also ordered an HCG and Progesterone test to be done today and on Wednesday, just to make sure everything is doubling properly.

As for my week: Things are going ok. I seem to have gotten a cold that I just can't shake. My throat is a little sore and my chest and nose are very congested. Luckily, Dr. Baylor gave me the names of some safe over the counter medicines to help clear things up. I've had a little bit of morning sickness, too. Not any vomiting, but my stomach is definitely "off kilter".

I did do what I said I was going to do. On Sunday, I went to the store and bought the cheapest home pregnancy test they had. Dave told me I was completely insane for doing it, but I wanted something to look at, to remind me of the little bundle I have nestled deep inside me (and yep, sure enough, it was positive!! *laughs*).

We finally told my mom, and I was less than thrilled with her response, but, it's out of the way, and I can stop stressing over it. She seems to be warming up to the idea. On Sunday she happily told someone that I was pregnant with her 6th grandchild. She also offered me an "olive branch" on Saturday, inviting me to go to an Arts and Crafts fair with her. So, it seems things are going better with her too.

I am so very happy about this pregnancy. I hope I can keep positive and enjoy it. For once, I am not looking at how far away July is. Instead, it seems almost too close. I want to savor each moment of this. I still remember how much I missed being pregnant once Andy was born, yet when I was pregnant with him, all I wanted to do was "get it over with." This time around I hope that I don't get distracted by the "discomforts" and lose site of how truly special and beautiful this time is. I especially love the first trimester, because it isn't obvious yet, and I can walk around with a little smile because I know there is something truly special growing inside me. I'm not sure how long that will last, though. I am already doing the "rubber band trick" with my pants. I don't want to go into maternity clothes at 7 weeks of pregnancy, but I think I may be in them by Christmas time. I'm thinking of getting some nice big baggy blue jeans, just so I have an alternative to maternity clothes once I do start showing, but am not overly big.

All in all, this has been a wonderful week, even with the cold. I still have to remind myself every once in a while that I am pregnant! But today's doctor visit made it seem a little more "real" (plus my home pregnancy test helps!). Hopefully soon, I will be writing about my first sonogram and how wonderful it is seeing a baby up on a TV screen.