Marie Chronicles -- Entry Six

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It's been a better week emotionally. Health wise, its getting worse! Christmas Day, I threw up for the first time. I've been nauseous a lot, but have never actually thrown up. And since then, I throw up and gag at the littlest things. Its weird, it took 9 weeks and 3 days for my body to realize I really am pregnant. My breasts are so tender now, and I am nauseous most of the time, and throwing up occasionally. My fatigue has tripled, if not more. In the past, if I took a nap during the afternoon, I would be awake until 2 or 3 in the morning. Now, I can take a 2-hour nap, and still fall asleep by 10:30. On the bright side, my congestion has let up a bit! I'm still sneezing all the time, but all least my nose isn't stuffy and I can breathe when I am in bed at night. I'm not taking Benadryl as often, either. I seem to only need it occasionally. And now, at 10 weeks 4 days, I am so close to the second trimester and it just amazes me at how fast this pregnancy is going. Before I know it, I'm going to be in a hospital bed pushing two babies out! I just really hope what they say is true with twins, about feeling glorious during the second trimester. I felt great through all but the third trimesters with my older three boys. I'm hoping things turn around in the next few weeks. I'm tired of being sick one way or another -- it gets old after a while.

I met my new doctor today. A vast improvement from the last one! I was very relieved when I left the office. I sat in her office and talked with her nurse for a while, and then she came in and talked to me for a bit. She told me her approach to a twin pregnancy and it is definitely more on my scale of doing things. I wanted to double check what the nurse had told me on the phone, so I asked her what her stipulations for a vaginal twin birth were and she said that I needed to be at least 32 weeks. But, if it was earlier and the babies did well with a stress test, she would consider one for an earlier baby. We PRAY this isn't even something we need to think about. She actually said, "I don't really care what position the second baby is in, as long as the first is head down." This relieved me so much. She said that she does breech delivery and breech extraction, when necessary, as well as trying to turn the baby externally.

I told her I wasn't against a c-section if the second baby stayed breech after trying to turn and what not, but I didn't want to get thrown into one just because the second baby might be breech or transverse, especially since there is such a good chance that the baby will move on its own. She told me that she wants to make this as comfortable for me as possible and she wants to work with me to make the right decisions for both the babies and me. I like this a lot better. The last doctor seemed to turn into this hard-nosed, "we are going to do things my way" doctor as soon as we discovered two babies. Not that its much of a problem since I was planning on one anyway, she did say that she pretty much makes it mandatory for her twin moms get an epidural or at least have the catheter in place, just in case they need to do the breech extraction or an emergency c-section. I have no problem with this at all. My first two were natural and my third was with an epidural, I definitely planned on getting another one.

After we talked in her office for a while, I went into the exam room and we did a quick ultrasound. I brought my mother in law with me, because she has never seen an ultrasound before. She really enjoyed it, even though it was just very brief. One of the babies even kicked its legs and wiggled its arms! It looked like he/she was trying to kick the other one! It was really cute, and I was so glad to get to see them move and look more like babies. Last time all we really saw was a blob and a heartbeat (laughs). This time you could definitely see the head, body, legs, and arms. I think it is so neat that I will get a quick ultrasound like this every time I go in. I will actually get to see them develop stage by stage. I think that is such an honor, and it makes me so glad that they do it. I only wish they did it for singleton pregnancies. It almost seems unfair to only let them see their babies once or twice. I feel very lucky. I also feel lucky that I found a doctor who does this. The last doctor wasn't planning on starting my ultrasounds until 20 weeks, and then I would only get them monthly, in her office. With my new doctor, not only do I get them with every visit, but I will also go to the Texas Perinatology Group for an in depth ultrasound at least twice. She said she might even ask them to do the new 3-D ultrasound or the color ultrasound. The 3-D one sounds really exciting to me. I've seen pictures of these, and it is truly amazing.

The only thing that concerned me at my appointment was that I've lost 4 pounds since the 21st (today is the 2nd). The nurse didn't seem overly happy about that either, and told me to really try to make my eating count. She also told me that if I go a day without being able to eat or if I throw up and can't hold anything down for 24 hours, I needed to call her so she can get me in the hospital. What worries me is nothing like this has happened to me, and I am still losing weight. I mean 4 pounds is kind of a lot in just 2 weeks. I even ate 2 pieces of toast and a glass of milk before I went, so it wasn't like I had an empty stomach for a couple of hours! I guess at my next appointment, if I don't start putting on a little weight, I might ask to see a dietitian or something. What really gets me is I have gotten huge, I swear I look 4 months pregnant. My friends can't believe it when they see me or see pictures of me. So, getting huge, and losing weight...hmmm, sounds funny to me! (laughs)

I definitely think this week has gotten better. I am feeling better, not so emotional like last week. I think the stress of the holidays was getting to me. Now that its over, I can relax and just be a pregnant mommy. I think finding the new doctor and meeting with her has helped tremendously. I even asked my Sunday school class to pray for me that it would work out with her! I didn't want to have to change again. I think I've found a place to stay put, though. She is very nice and both her and the nurse are very outgoing and easy to talk to. Things have definitely started to look up, that's for sure. Now if I could just get healthy physically I'd bet set!