Marie Chronicles -- Entry Seven

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This week has been a quiet one. On Wednesday after my doctor appointment, I developed a pain in my side that lasted until Saturday. I'm not sure what it was, but it's gone now, and that's all I care about. I am thinking the pain was a ligament stretching, a pinched nerve, or a pulled muscle of some sort. At least it's gone.

Still having morning sickness, but it isn't too bad. I've learned to deal with it and just go with the flow. I've gotten really good at just slowing down when I get nauseous and either lying down on the couch or sitting in the recliner. My only problem really is eating. There is definitely something wrong with my taste buds!! I can take a few bites of something and it will be great...then three bites later, it tastes totally gross. Not sure what's going on, but it sure does make mealtime a bit of a pain. I've found things to help me get all the nutrition I need. I'm having a hard time getting all the protein I am supposed to have, so I started making milk shakes out of milk, ice cream, and yogurt. They taste so yummy and all three ingredients are loaded with protein, so it goes down easier. I've been trying so hard to eat when I am supposed to, but I am just not hungry. Everyone tells me this is totally normal, and I hope they are right. I want to do the best for these babies that is possible.

I think we had an exciting moment on Saturday night. I was sitting in my recliner watching TV, with my hand resting on my belly. All of a sudden I felt two thumps. I told Dave to come and feel, so he put his hand on my belly and we felt three more thumps!! It seems so early, and it could just be gas bubbles, but it felt so differently than gas. I was exactly 11 weeks when it happened. I asked my doctor about it and she said I might have very well felt it. With this being my 4th pregnancy, I would feel things sooner. Plus, my uterus is about 2 1/2 inches above my pelvic bone, so it's not hidden, where it would be in a singleton pregnancy. So, maybe just maybe, I felt these little ones dancing. I really can't wait until I can distinguish between the two of them.

A little bit anxiety had kind of kicked in about getting things ready. I am so anxious to buy our house and get moved in, so I can prepare things. I started thinking about it and with my history of pre-term labor and pre eclampsia, these babies are definitely coming early, probably sometime between 34 and 36 weeks. So, I have less time, and twice the work. Not to mention I will most likely be bed rested for the last trimester of my pregnancy. So, I feel like I really need to get cracking on the things that we don't need to know the gender for. Like the bed, disposable diapers to use at church, stuff like that. I can't wait until I am far enough along to tell their genders. I want to get ready and have everything done by the time I reach 28 weeks. Seems early, but I want to have it all done, so that if I get bed rested, I don't have to worry about the nursery not being done, or not having any clothes for them to wear.

Its been really kicking in that we are having twins. I was buying my son's birthday cake on Saturday and I started wondering about how I will do things like that. Will I get one cake and write both their names on it? Get two separate cakes, one for each? Little things like that have started to sink in. My youngest son loves to sit on daddy's chest and play. He made the comment that I was going to have to learn how to do that, because he wouldn't be able to hold two babies up there. I wonder about nursing too. When I only nursed one baby, I could usually walk around, one handed, while nursing and still do simple things like make a cup of juice. With two babies nursing, that isn't going to be possible. I have made the decision that I will do both, breast feed and bottle feed. I will use formula until I can get a supply of breast milk stored.

I've been doing good taking it easy this week. I've gotten used to taking naps every day, which helps me not be so tired all the time. The kids have gotten back in their routine of naptime, so when they nap, I nap. I'm not sure how things are going to work once I am put on bed rest, but I've always managed before, and I am sure I will do fine again. Its so nice having family that is willing to help. Since Frances works for the school system, she will be out the last week of May, and she has already said she would help me as much as possible. She is the most awesome mother in law. I couldn't ask for any better. If I get bed rested before that, Dave and I are already coming up with plans to make it work. We think that with the help of some child gates, and a big ice chest, the kids and I could live in the living room together while Dave is at work. Dave said he would be really good about filling up an ice chest every night with meals and snacks for all of us. Then, the only time I really have to get up is to potty, and to tuck the kids into bed at naptime. I think it will definitely work. I guess the main thing I am trying to do is play it all by ear, but be prepared for everything.