Maybe pregnant?

Im usually on yaz but I ended the month and had my period. it ended within a few days. I forgot to get my perscrption refilled so I just stopped taking it. That was about a week and a half ago, I had sex a lot between now and then with my boyfriend, sometime protected and sometimes not. Now for the past few days it seems like my period has come back, but it's just spotting and I know that's a sign of pregnancy. last night I was taking my bra off and my nipples hurt really bad and I noticed dark circles around them. Today I feel like I'm having period cramps but they feel like they come and go, except my right side always feels sore. oh and I always feel wet down there (sorry if it's tmi) so I think my period started but there's nothing there. I might just be thinking about this too much but I dont know. I feel like my period is coming but I just had it a about two ish weeks ago. so I'd like some advice, and I really don't need lectures about safe sex. Thank you!