I have to explain why I am so concerned about being pregnant. A couple days after my boyfriend and I broke up I wanted to start taking my medication for my skin, which causes birth defects. Just as precaution I took a pregnancy test... to my surprise it came out positive. (Monday 9th)

Later that night I had a negative test. He treated me like I made the whole thing up!

The next morning a negative test. (Tuesday 10th)

The nurse wanted me to come in for a blood pregnancy test. (Tuesday Afternoon)

Got the call confirming the blood test showed I was pregnant... but the levels were on the lower side, I believe she said around 22. They wanted me to repeat blood work 48 hours from the first test.(Wednesday 11th)

Blood work done Thursday (12th)

Got the call saying that my levels dropped. They were around 10 I think, which indicates a miscarriage. She said normally they would monitor the levels till they return to normal, but since I was already showing not pregnant she didn't see the need. (Friday 13th)

So... I have been pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant... lots of emotions and now my ex and I aren't even on speaking terms.

After I processed everything I realized that the nurse didn't give me ANY information other then... they think I MIGHT have had a miscarriage already and that my normal period on July 27-30th was it. However, the more I think about it, I wonder if I had literally had just got pregnant!

Ive been having very light cramping for a couple weeks, feels different then normally period cramps.. in the center of my abdominal area. When I had in July, it seemed normal. If i did miscarry then, I would have been 1-2 months. If I had just gotten pregnant and haven't passed the miscarriage yet, I would be about 2-3 weeks maybe...

So... I don't know what to expect. I tried to get answers from the nurse and all I was told was if I didn't start my period in 4 weeks to call and they would do another blood pregnancy test. WHY!? Was she implying that I might still be pregnant?? I am paranoid now since I have not had any definitive answers and have gone though every emotion going back and forth between pregnant and not pregnant.

I retook a pregnancy pee test and it was still negative on Monday (16th)

I have done a lot of reading... I understand that this is almost positively a miscarriage, however, there is always that "vanish twin"... and I just want to be positive!! I also read that they normally keep doing blood tests till you have gone back down to zero hcg, why aren't they? And should they?

I don't know what to do and I don't know what to expect!!! I just want answers and the nurses aren't helping!! You can't get to a doctor without going through them and making an appointment wont happen unless they feel you need it.

I had a rough time because I had accepted I was pregnant... it's a hard thing to hear when you have been put into a hard situation and finally come to terms with it. I just want to know for sure and have closure.

I currently don't have any symptoms... maybe still occasional light cramping like before and I am still tried all the time.