Miscarriage #2

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I haven't actually written my thoughts down about this until now. I experienced my second miscarriage in 10 years 3 weeks ago. Both miscarriages happened the same way; the embryo stopped developing at 8 weeks. This miscarriage affected me much more than the first. The first miscarriage I was young, and although excited about the prospect of becoming a mother, was somewhat glad the pregnancy terminated. I went on birth control right after that in order to help "plan" a future pregnancy. I went off the pill about 4-5 years ago. Hubby and I used other forms of contraception until about a year ago when we decided to just let things happen. We were tired of waiting for the "right time" (and still are) to have baby, because there never is a "right time". I believe that it will happen as it should, but still lament the fact that I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and am now no longer. I want so much to go through pregnancy no matter how uncomfortable or scary it may be. I want so much to have a baby and experience the joys, trials, and tribulations of parenting. I take comfort in the fact that my doctor isn't highly concerned that I've had 2 miscarriages back to back. He says it happens more often than one would think. I welcome his positive attitude about my fertility and the encourgament he gave me to try again as soon as I'm ready, which can't happen soon enough. I am hopeful to be pregnant again by the summer with nothing but a positive outlook to having a full term baby. I am going to take advantge of the time I have now to get my body in optimal shape for an upcoming pregnancy. I just hope that the road to the next positive pregnancy test and beyond isn't filled with disappointment and turmoil. I will remain optimistic and prepare myself for the time I meet my child for the first time.