Missing Woman Faked Kidnapping and Pregnancy

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by Pregnancy.org Staff

In the news: A missing woman has been declared "safe," but there's a twist, she's not pregnant. The 45-year-old woman from Council Bluffs, IA was originally believed to be 9-months pregnant. She was reported missing after sending texts to family members that she was hurt and in danger.

In a weird twist, Janice Winfield never was pregnant, and certainly wasn't in any danger. The police found her speeding in Kearney, Nebraska where she was pulled over. She told the officers that she'd been kidnapped. Doing what police do, they contacted Council Bluffs to see if her story added up.

Janice was taken into a hospital for examination and the police wrapped up their missing persons case. It turns out that Janice is in big trouble - she lied; worse yet, lied to the police. Her stories were completely made up! If you fake a story and report it to the police, you can be charged for that!

Not only did Janice lie about the kidnapping but she made up her entire pregnancy. Reality is that Janice was never pregnant and because her lie was so outrageous, she tried to disappear and fake a kidnapping in order to avoid "giving birth" to her child on Monday, July 18, 2011. She got caught in her web of deceit and will now face charges for wasting the tax dollars given to police for spending their time and man-power searching for her.

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