On a mission

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The pain in my joints is becoming rather frustrating. This may be my least favorite symptom so far - as I got over nausea (for the most part) and constipation (again for the most part). Being hyperflexible to begin with I know when my body needs strength work and cardio. Being pregnant and having an increase of hormones that increase flexibility and joint pain has been quite a wake-up call. Actually it's been more of a nightmare. My body aches most of the time. My back, hips and metatarsals slip and pop multiple times a day.

I hate to complain about it because I'm FINALLY PREGNANT!!!! But I know that if I try to me the 'everything mom' this early in the game I will break quickly.

So, the plan is to find relief. Hello internet search engines.

My little one is 10wks4days! Hip hip hurray!