Mom Delivers Twins from Two Separate Wombs!

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In The News: Mom With Two Wombs Defies Odds to Deliver Miracle Twins!

Mom delivers twins from bicornuate uterusWhen Danielle Young, 29, found out she was pregnant, she was amazed. She had been diagnosed with bicornuate uterus, a rare condition, that makes it next to impossible to carry a baby to full term.

This condition means that her womb was split in two and the two halves are cut off from each other, making two separate wombs.

To make matters even more interesting, is that one fallopian tube was totally blocked which left only one of her two wombs functioning properly.

The second discovery was a shocker. Danielle was pregnant with twins -- one in each womb. The odds of this occurring is a staggering five million to one! Although she was warned that she would likely lose both babies, she delivered both healthy babies safely.

Dr. Andrew Shennan of Kings College Hospital in London said, "An obstetrician will see a case like this once in a lifetime. The egg must have come down the fallopian tube that doctors thought was previously blocked. It is extremely unusual."

This is not the first time that Danielle defied medical odds. She had already given birth to her daughter, Paige, now 5. She and her husband Richard, 39, were put on a waiting list for IVF treatment to help them conceive. However, because of the left womb being blocked, she was warned that even if they were successful, it was unlikely the remaining womb would be big enough to carry a baby to full term.

Danielle had been devastated at the thought of not having children so when the idea of IVF treatment was suggested, she said "I wanted to give it every possible chance and there was no way I was giving up that tiny bit of hope."

However, a few days after being placed on the list, Danielle began feeling ill and it turned out that had gotten pregnant naturally which was a shock to all, making the subsequent pregnancy with the twins all the more amazing. No one cold explain how she had gotten pregnant in the womb that had the fallopian tube that was entirely blocked.

Although born early, the twins have caught up developmentally and are doing well. Their mother says, "When I look at them I know that miracles certainly do happen."

There are fewer than a hundred women worldwide who have ever gotten pregnant with two babies in two separate wombs.

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