Mom from the Heart: I'll Take Credit for the Smile

Today was definitely a better day. I am still very emotional and I expect that I will be for quite some time. I think talking about things and writing in my journal helped me deal with all of the emotions that I was feeling yesterday.

We spoke briefly with Nadine this evening. She called to tell me that she spoke to the biological father once again and he is adamant that he does not want anything to do with the baby. She is trying very hard to make sure we do not encounter any bumps along the way. God bless her for that (along with everything else she has done for us).

I spoke with dad on the phone earlier. He told me that he printed a copy of this journal and let my aunts and uncles read it. Instead of trying to explain the situation, we have found it easier to just let them read this journal. It sums things up fairly well and answers most questions people have about our situation.

Anyway Dad called me to tell me that Jim, Kay, John and Billie were praying for us. That meant a lot for me to know that I have so many people sending us their prayers.

I ordered a book today called "100 Promises to My Baby". I am so excited to start reading it! I think I will look for a book that is more specific to adoption and keep it handy also.

I had worried in the beginning of this journey that if we ever did adopt a baby I would feel as if I am missing out a lot because I wouldn't be able to carry my baby for 9 months, then give birth.

But honestly I don't feel as if I am missing out on anything. Nadine is reaching out to us and sharing every detail with us, making us very comfortable and making us feel as if we are very involved in the pregnancy.

Earlier this evening while researching some adoption websites, I ran across a little saying that I absolutely loved and I think I will see if I can get someone to cross-stitch it onto a pillow for me. It said...

"I can't take credit for the face, but I will take credit for the smile."

This saying spoke volumes to me. It practically took my breath away, and once again I think God was watching over me and He knew exactly what I needed to hear (or read).

In the end, as long as our child is a happy and loved child, what else could matter?

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