Mom from the Heart: Pregnancy Symptoms?

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I just wanted to mention that although I know I am not the one who is pregnant, I really think I am having symptoms! I have had the worst heartburn for over a week. I hate heartburn!

Maybe if I can have some of the pregnancy symptoms it will give Nadine a break from them.

Well things are moving right along. We had an appointment with our attorney Thursday evening at 4pm. She started the initial paperwork, said everything looks great.

She was impressed by how much Nadine had done to ensure that we are the ones that get the baby. That makes us feel somewhat better about everything. I guess it is normal to have some amount of fear during this process.

But for now I am trying very hard to just enjoy the upcoming arrival of our little bundle of joy. I am trying to NOT focus on the doubts and fears. Nadine reassures us each time she talks to us, and as much as we trust her and believe her, we can't help but be scared.