So I just upset myself over what else...MONEY!!!! ugh I hate money.

I apparently have 11 days to come up with 362.00 I have no job and I cant bring myself to ask Earl. he pays for EVERYTHING and now i jave this freaking debts coming back to bite me in the ass and it has me so worked up right now. I woke up this morning thinking oh yea today is the day ill get one of these places I applied to to hire me. so i called every single place i applied to and every single one told me the same thing, they have finished their hiring process and have filled every position but they will keep my application on file for future refrence. this sucks all i wanted was to be able to save some money so i could afford to do stuff with haillie and pay my own debts and be able to help provide for my own baby and i dont know i just got really discouraged that all those applications and footing all over and i cant find a fucking job. fuck it this sucks.