Month #3

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Here we go on month #3 of trying. I got really discouraged when I got my last period and got a little depressed which I think was a combination of things but I was having a pity party cause it seems like everyone is having babies and I want one so bad. So we are continuing to try and hoping for a little one to be blessed to us. Wanting a child so bad makes it hard to trust God with his decision of when to bless us. But it might be his way of helping us be patient in our lives. We are still getting on our feet after the wedding and rent and bills are killing us. The type A in me says wait to have a baby but the desire for one is over riding it! I love my stepson but there is just something inside me that makes me want to have my own child. I want to experience pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding and those first few months of infancy. Of course wanting to be a midwife also might have something to do with those desires! But we really hope that we won't have a hard time getting pregnant, it is one of my fears, not being able to have my own children.