month of january

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This is my first time having a child, but I have been pregnant twice before. I have two miscarriages last year and as devastating as it was I waited a long while before I got tested to see if I'm pregnant again even though I have all the signs that I am. Finally I found out and I'm almost done my third month. My first two miscarriages never made it to the second month. I was scared it was going to happen again so I didn't want to know. Now I do know and I'm excited. With my first child I am nervous, but thankful to know that nothing will happen with this one. I like to stay positive. I told my close friends and my mom. My fiance knows too and he is jumping for joy with excitement. His mother is very excited too. With all the questions that I have, I don't know where to start. I have my doctor's appointment already scheduled and I let my job know as well. I'm a work-a-holic and I began working as soon as I went to college. I love to work because I want to earn money and make a living for myself. I am facing hard consequences with ruined credit and I'm starting over again to get back to good credit. I'm learning how to save my money because my splurge days are over. Now all I want to do is eat, eat, and eat. Last time I checked I weigh 156lbs, but of course that could change. My emotions are running high and I'm also learning at how to relax. I can't think about myself anymore. We're a team and even though we haven't met each other yet, I feel we are learning new things about one another. He/she is learning about me while being in there and I'm learning about him/her while also taking better care of myself. I will have more to say as time goes by. My challenge is telling the rest of my family which I haven't done yet and my mom is the only one I told, so I'm facing a hard challenge because of how my family is. I joined this website to learn everything there is to know and be a wonderful mom because my child will have a great life and when he/she gets older they will have a huge appreciation on everything I have done for them, I pray.