Mood Swings... UGH!

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Ugh last night started something terrible. Me and Tyler were sitting down and looking at baby names and already trying to find the perfect one for our little one. There seem to be no compromise in sight and I was just getting a little annoyed. He was picking names that you heard kids in school get picked on with. (Alastar Banner Brinkley, really?) So I decided to for the time being to forgo the first name and bounce to the middle. I wanted to do something classy like one of our fathers or grandfathers names. I thought that our child would have the same sense of pride that I do since I have my grandmothers first name as my middle. He said that was basically a no go so then we started brain storming on a combination of both a first and a middle. (The last name being a no brainer, Brinkley.) Anyway we hit an impass and then he said something like, "I don't even care since you are not listening to me, you can just name the baby!" That sent me over the edge and made me feel like he didn't care about our child. So I throw down the book that we are writting down all of the baby names and storm off to the bedroom and just fume for a while. Tyler comes in shortly after and tells me that I am being a child. That made it all worse... I still haven't gotten over that one yet. Anyway we make up and go to bed happy and guess what happened today... I swung again!

I was napping because work has just been draining me these past couple of days because I have been early baker one morning but the night before I wouldn't leave work till ten. (On top of growing our little one!) So he wakes me up to go and get some dinner which sounds just awesome but he starts to cuddle me and blocks off the only real way off the bed. (He has his dvds all at the foot of our bed in a complete mess.) I ask him to get off the bed so that I can because I don't want to break one of his dvds and he does but hops right back down. That too just pushes me the wrong way and I am to the point that I don't even care if I break a movie. So then I am just lost again in emotion and I am just so angry and again he calls me a child and I just leave the house to go and get my own dinner. I am still a bit upset at him... Jerk.