Morning Sickness

oh lord have I been sick! It started mid January I started feeling really lousy and assumed that this time I was unlucky and had morning sickness except over the course of a few days it just got so bad I couldn't get out of bed except to run to the toilet (not to vomit) and I had a constant burning in my stomach as well as nausea. After another couple of days I felt a bit better and went to the doctor (what kind of third world country have we got where a doctor won't make house calls and you're too sick to go to see him) who said I had a temperature so most likely had a bug. haha after all that it tunrs out it wasn't morning sickness! So anyway, next day we had to head off to Victoria cos Kristian was doing the Audax and I was sick sic sick... barely crawled into the car and of course hubbie was fast losing patience with me as I surely over this stupd bug by now... so it didn't get any better for teh week we were down in Victoria, some days were better than others but I was still pretty grotty most of the time, turns out I had both a bug and morning sickness, the clue to the morning sickness was three times having to rush to the loo to throw up (well dry retching strictly speaking).. oh God, still have it but it seems to have subsided a little I haven't thrown up in about a week but the pills the doc gave me me have something to do with that. at least the burning sensation is gone just left with nausea and tiredness.... but I suppose I am much better off that I was a few weeks ago. Still I've got another while to go before I'mm out of the first trimester ... now I'm beginning to think I might be having twins... lord knows why I think that except I'm a twin myself and think that cos I wasn't sick at all last time that obviously I'm sick this time because of the fact I'm carrying double trouble... oh well will have to wait patiently for my first scan. Kristian says he's clearing out of it's more than one.... haha we'll see about that!!