Morning Sickness help from Accupressure points

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I have a 45 minute bus ride every morning followed by a 15 minute walk through the heart of San Francisco. The bus is bumpy and jerky and smelly. It's been very challenging for me to get to work and home with the morning sickness I'm experiencing. I remembered that once while on my friend's sailboat, he offered me sea bands which are simple elastic bands that have a small hard plastic ball that applies a small bit of pressure to the inside of your wrist. This special acupressure point helps with nausea. I searched to internet for a good place to order them from and ran into these adorable PSI bands. They use the same acupressure points but they are also super cute. Be warned though, the red daisy chain one, isn't bright red like it appears on the website. It's more of a reddish sienna brown. It's still pretty, but just not bright red like I expected. They shipped really fast. I ordered on Wednesday and had the bands by Friday. also carries the seabands.