My 2nd Child.First Time with Support

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Hello everyone.
My name is Mary.A little bit about myself.Im an all around country girl,4wheelin,horse ridin,mud truckin,country girl.My son loves to ride in a big lifted truck.My first child is 3 years old now.Ive been through this once but this is the first time I will have support from anyone last time I didnt have the support of the father and I didnt have internet resources.Its kinda nice to be able to write about things and have other mothers read about my daily issues.This time I have full support from the father as well.The father(Larry) proposed to me on Valentines day of this year and set the date for May 22,2010.We had planned to have a child after the wedding but it has come a little sooner than that,the father and I went to the doctor this morning to get the official pregnancy test done,big suprise it came back positive.Now the EDD is Janurary,4th 2010.Now this past Valentines day the father of this baby proposed to me we set our date for May,22 2010.So now I have to try to stay fit through this pregnancy and work extra hard right after birth to work off that postbaby weight,so I can fit into the dress Ive already started to have custom made,plus side to this is Ill be more motivated to lose the extra weight to fit into the pricey custom dress.

We are getting married he has a little girl who is 14,I have a son that is 3.Now were havin a child together.Were hoping for another little boy,but most of all a healthy baby.
We have a name picked out for a little boy if thats what it is we have discussed this many times before we found out we were pregnant.Some of you may not understand but some of you may.
My 3 old son is Mason Tyler,if we have another little boy we will be naming him Dixon Dale.We have a Mason now we need a Dixon,"D" for short.

Now about pets,we are looking for a pupy for the kids to grow up with.We are looking for a Bluetick Coonhound and we cant find any around here.They make great family dogs and very loving and gentle with children they just tend to howl alot which is okay with us cause we live in a secluded area not alot of people around to complain about it.But thats the start of our new baby story.

Thanks for reading,
Mary,Larry,Mason,and baby!