my day to day

i have the weirdest pregnancy in my entire family. i'm 7 weeks along and my last ultrasound was a week ago there was no heartbeat yet but my mom, mother of 5 girls one boy age:36, says that is normal when cought this early. my little sister, age 17 years, is about 33 weeks along and never knew she was pregnant until 5 weeks ago. she had no morning sickness, no pains, and didn't have cravings until she was 31 weeks along. same with my mom except she was 24 weeks along when she started having cravings. with me i'm 7 weeks along craving the weirdest things like flaming hot cheetos with nacho cheese sause and salsa, or cheesy cheetos with chocolate sauce, haven't gotten it yet, but my husband to be, getting married next month, has a weak stomach and doesn't want to see me eat that he can't even hold my hair back when i have to ralf. i have morning sickness all day and all night. last night alone i had to get up 4 times. i have to take my prenantals at night otherwise i throw them up less than 20mins after taking them. when i don't take them my morning sickness is non existant i wonder if it is possible that my diet it already high enough in vitemin B6 and by taking the pill is to much B6. and is it normal for my bf to not want to help with cravings all cause they sound a little out of it?