My Dr. is eating crow - anovulatory, but got pregnant at 39 - Listen to your body!!

I had been trying to get pregnant for more than 2 years. I tried a couple of rounds of Chlomid, eventually, I stopped even responding to that and so even did two rounds of injectibles. I am now 39, approaching 40 rapidly. I had all but given up and was even listening to my body for signs of early onset of menopause.

A number of weeks ago, I went for my usual visit to the chiropractor (due to an accident 3 years ago) and they wanted to try a new technique to see if I would be responsive and get some additional low back pain relief. They did something called the NRC technique. It applies pressure at the base of the neck to help with better flow of spinal fluid. I gave it as much credence as acupuncture - maybe it will help and couldn't hurt. After the first test, I had felt the sensation of a rush of cool fluid down my back, but no real specific pain relief to speak of.

Then 2 weeks later I was driving my daughter home from school and I felt what I had known for many years as ovulation pain. However, it was not something I had felt in over a year and not something I had felt on my right side in more than 2 years!!! I was convinced I had ovulated! I called my Dr's office in the morning and scheduled a progesterone test for Cycle Day 21 (CD21). I also told my husband and he agreed that we should go for it - and make one last attempt. Due to other issues, we used an at home insemination method - nothing sophisticated.

A week went by and I took my progesterone test and was just hoping it confirmed what I suspected - that I ovulated - that I WAS still a woman and not entering menopause. I also wanted to let my chiropractor know becasue if I did ovulate - then that could mean that NRC could help other women with ovulation/infertility issues. But when I got the call, I didn't get the news I thought I would. I was told that my progesterone level was 3.0 and not sufficient to ovulate. Verdict in, I am crazy (thinking I ovulated) and I am probably about to start perimenopause.

Well, last Friday, I realized my cycle was late. My first thought - yep, bring on the menopause. So I took a pregnancy test, then another, then another - all came back positive!! I thought back to an episode of Golden Girls and thought, menopause can trigger false positive. Called my Dr's office and went in for a quantitative. Nurse told me that more likely a false positive due to elevated LH and FSH (did I mention I accidentally also took an ovulation test too).

Nurse calls me back an hour later to tell me my HCG is 1295 and so I am definitely pregnant!!! However, my progesterone was very low (8.66). She also told me that the Dr. is eating crow! They put me on Prometrium right away and I just had my second blooddraw this morning and my numbers are on track at 4415!!

Goes to show you - listen to your body - follow the signs. Also, you might want to find a chiropractor or someone that is certified in NRCT (Neurologic Relief Centers Technique), particulalrly if you have issues with your back. I am absolutely convinced that this is why I ovulated when I did. The functioning of your body, including your reproductive system, is regulated by the nerves that come out of your spine. If something get's blocked, it can throw things off balance.

I am just glad that I listened to my body.