My Hubby <3

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now, and I am going on 22 weeks of being pregnant. We were not expecting to conceive so early but we don't regret it either. He is an amazing guy and I am glad he is here with me, supporting me and being as involved as he can be.
He is eighteen years old, and just graduated out of high school. He works with his dad at the moment but is trying to get a job at the mine in Matachewan. He wants to be a welder and thats all he studied in high school. He also has all his certificates for Welding and is a registered apprentice. He is trying his hardest to provide for me and our baby and he makes me so proud. I feel comfortable and I know I can trust him. He put me and the baby first, and he's always asking "how is my baby doing?" (referring to the little one growing inside of me). He has his mood swings, but they're nerves from worrying about me. He's a funny guy, and always knows how to make me laugh. He knows my limits of what I can handle and never pushes them.
We're not a perfect couple though. My hormones get in the way of us sometimes, and we've been arguing a lot lately. I think it's the distance between us and our living arangements is what makes it the hardest. He lives about 2 hours away from me. Talking on the phone is nice, but I'd rather be there physically with him. We need intimacy, especially now that the babys on the way. It's been hard but I know we can do it. We're both strong people and we love/trust each other more then anything so I know we'll make it. I really love this guy, and I cant wait to have a family with him Smile

less than 19 weeks to go till our baby Goulin is here Biggrin