My Intro

I am getting a late start on this whole blog thing. But I think that it will be good for me so that it will keep my mind off of other things. I am 34 weeks along. I am going to my dr.'s appointment tomorrow so we will be able to hear his little heartbeat and check on his health. I feel like I am super fat but my friends and family keep telling me that for as far along as I am I am very small still. I have a wonderful fiance who is super excited. This will be our first child. It is a boy and we cant wait to hold him. When our son arrives he will be met by our two 4 legged children. We have a minature astrailian sheppard and a black lab. I am scared that they will be jealous of him. I am hoping that they will love him and play with him.

I think that I am going through the nesting stage. But I am not sure. We just moved into our house so I think that some of the cleaning and moving stuff is becasuse we moved. I dont know of any sane person who needs to clean the kitchen twice in one day becasue it didnt seem like it took long enough for it to be clean.

I am going crazy becasue I change the baby's room on a daily basis. One day I put something one place then I move it the next. I seem to go through his clothes everyday just to make sure that I have enough. My baby shower is this weekend and I cannot wait. I am having lots of people over and it is going to be so much fun. Plus there is going to be lots of yummy food :). I cant wait to see what everyone got me. I will just be extremely thankful for all of the diapers that I will be getting.