My joy

Today I turn five weeks and I'm overjoyed with emotions. Since 2008 I've been been dealing with the fact that on a Thursday I went to the doctor and found out that i was pregnant. By that Sat. I was having mild cramps and light spotting. Sun early morning I passed a big clot not knowing what was going on. That morning i went to the er where I learned that I was nine weeks and four days pregnant but that my baby was only measuring five weeks and there was no fetal stem present. After the shock set in I went home to feelings of what was happening and how could this happen. Monday morning I returned to my doctor where many more test were performed and I finally learned that I did indeed have a miscarriage and plans were made to take care me... I was so devastated. A year went by and after a visit to my doctor issues came up and I had to have surgery to remove bad cells and was told that if in six months they return then I would have to have a hysterectomy. After that I felt like ok well this may be my last chance at having another child so I stopped my birth control. As the months passed by I kept thinking will I get pregnant.... Well six months later I returned to my doctor and it seems that the bad cells are coming back so I will have to return in six months to check on that situation. In the meantime I indeed found out that my wish came true and I'm pregnant. Even though it's been a rough few years I pray that everything goes well and i can have a healthy child and be healthy as well. I already have four beautiful healthy children that i think God for and this beautiful gift is a true blessing. As I close this out I ask for prayer for that me an my unborn child are healthy and i can go through this wonderful experience again.