My Little Easter Egg

I've decided I should probably get out of my silly head and onto a piece of (blog?) paper. Plus, I'm sure in time I'll look back at this and reminise and I'm quite a fan of that possibility.

As of today, April 25, I am approximately 5wks2days pregnant with my first child. Even as I type the words they don't quite sound real to me yet. I took a pregnancy test two days before my expected period (I've got quite radical cycles, 33 days anyone?) and it came up Not Pregnant (thanks for reading it to me Clear Blue Digital!). I typically start between 30-33 days so when I got to two days after my expected period, I got a little suspicious.

And then the result. Naturally, I had to check it before I went to work (working overnights, not the greatest but it pays the bills!) and oh wow.


I cried, I smilied, I cried harder, I laughed, I continued crying. Rinse and repeat.

Pregnant: 1-2 weeks.

Whoa Nelly, thought you said there wasn't anything in there?!

But apparently there was. Sadly, I haven't been to the doctors yet (yesyes, I know I'm getting there. I work overnight weekends and its tremendously difficult to make appointments especially over Easter weekend) but I'm going this week.

Thing is though, is I'm incredibly happy right now. I've wanted a child for a long long time and it seems right now. I'm about to get married to the love of my life, Greg. We've been friends for a decade and us being together has made me the happiest I've ever conceived (HA). Our wedding is September 3rd, 2011. And yes, that puts me at 22 weeks for my wedding. Bit of a killer there but what can we do right? Good thing the dress is a bit poofy Smile

We're both in shock still, I think. We're relatively young, (myself at 24 and him at 26) but we have a situation most would kill for. Both college/university graduates, living in an incredibily beautiful basement apartment close to all amenitives, both have decent wages at work and have supportive families. We've got our problems like any other couple but we're going to try to work them through. I think its just nerves right now, how are our parents going to react? Do we need to move? Will we make enough money? So many questions just floating around right now with nothing in particular to answer them with yet.

So here I sit at work at 2:30am wondering if our babe will like the apple juice I just drank. According to some Chinese fertility calender, he's a he. I like the sound of that though. I think it'll make it more real when they do an ultrasound/blood work. But right now, I'm just cramping like crazy, using the bathroom ever 30 minutes and yawning like I haven't slept in months!

I took a picture of my pregnancy test on my phone. I find quite a few people do that but I did it so I can force it into my head...YOU ARE NOW A MOMMA! ACT LIKE ONE!

Greg's overwhelmed; don't think he's talked since Saturday poor lad. He's a bit more nervous than I am but interestingly, more for the sake of our relationship than for us being parents. He wants us to be okay, I told him we can always work towards it. I have no doubt he'll be an amazing father, I just hope that everything goes well this week. Who knows, I could miscarry or have a spontaneous abortion. Life throws things at you and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. I'm trying to give up fighting it now. Whatever God's got planned for me, I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Anyways, signing off now to look at more baby things.

Love always,

Jess B-U