my little gremlin&1st blog ever!

well my first blog ever. cool... well im going to consider this like a journal in which many of them i keep.Im 22 years old,i live in pennsauken NJ which is 10 mins from philly where igrew up. um its looking like it doesnt correct my grammer on here so excuse the lower case i's and lack of periods.ha no pun intened.nyways this is my second pregnancy, my first child who i concieve 1 yr ago passed away when i was 18months pregnant. it was devastating. i am young but i knew from then on that this is what i wanted in life. i may not have much in life or much money but i do know that i want to b a mother. i am now 11weeks pregnant n im almost passed my first trimester which is good but until my little gremlin is in my arms i will not be satisfied. but this pregnancy i am alot alot healthier. i didnt find out i was pregnant with my 1st pregnancy until i was 13weeks. i missed my whole first trimester with that child. and i definatly parttook in some risky behavior. i am also a recovering addict, but we wont get into that much. but she passed away my 18week so i suppose God did what i wasnt strong enough to do. BUT NOW! i am super heathy super happy and super excited about the little baby in my belly. i am doing everything rite eating rite drinking rite taking my vitamins, the whole nine. there is nother more in life that i want then this little baby rite here in my belly. yay i seen the babys heartbeat a few weeks ago during an ultrasound and they said all looks great. i have appts with genetic councilors(SP) and mfm drs all this week commin so im a little nervous about that..BUT they say all should be well and its just bc of last time what happened that they r nowgoing to b checking early. well i am tired and exausted. ha like always..all the symtoms are there but lucky my "morning" sickness is calming down.ha my boyfriend just asked what i was he told me to write that i am crazy...aka what! lol well bye liking this..i can do this daily..ha okay goodnite xoxo kristin