My pregnancy

So I took my test on Saturday just because I had the extra one and I was late and suprise it said pregnant! I couldn't believe it! Big reason for that being that I took a test 2-3 weeks ago and the test was negative and now all of a sudden it's positive. The flood of emotions that hit me was incredible! I was terrified and excited and happy and just plain flabbergasted lol. Then came the questions...How do I keep this little miracle safe? Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to handle labour? What should I eat? What should I NOT eat? How do I tell my work? How do we tell our families? and of course the biggest fear of all...What is something goes wrong? What if I lose him/her? I felt overwhelmed. After sitting down with my boyfriend and trying to calm down and talking we decided to go buy another test just to be sure. We bought the clearblue test the one that tells you digitally whether you are pregnant or not and how far along you are. After a very long 3 minutes it was confirmed, I was 3+ weeks pregnant. I have now had 4-5 days to try and accept this but it still does not feel real! I'm still expecting to wake up and have someone tell me this was all a dream or something. I have been with my boyfriend for over 6 years and we stopped using protection a long time ago and I was never on birth control I was sure there was something wrong with me seeing as how we had never gotten pregnant before! I have wanted a child for a few years now and we had finally decided to start trying this year. For it to happen this fast was amazing. I trully feel blessed that I was this lucky.