My Story

This is the long and short of my story, to this day. I don't care if anyone reads it, or even responds to this. I just need to get things out.

A year ago, I stopped taking birth control pills (Tri-Cyclen 21). After that, I had three normal periods. Then, Auntie Flow stopped visiting me. Now, this may seem like a blessing, but really, it's not. Missing a period or two here and there, is a blessing. Not having one for months and months on end is another thing.

Normally, when you stop having a period, it means your pregnant. Not this time! It's now June, and I still hadn't had a period. I had an appointment with my gynaecologist in July, so I just figured I would get everything dealt with at that appointment.

My doctor put me on Prometrium (a form of progesterone) in an attempt to give me periods, and with the hope of 're-starting' my cycle. It worked, kinda. I had light, short periods, but I had periods! I was on prometrium (200mg a day, days 5-30 of my cycle) for 6 months. On my most recent visit to the doctor (Jan. 2, 2009) he prescribed Clomid. My instructions were to continue to take the prometrium as I had been until I got my next period. Then, I was to go for blood work to be sure I wasn't pregnant. On cycle day 5, I could start Clomid. (50mg a day, cycle days 5-9)

Today is cycle day 6, and day 2 of Clomid.

I have read many stories of the success women have had while using clomid, so I am very excited, even if all I get is a period. After not having a 'normal' period for almost a year, I barely feel like a woman anymore. It is very frustrating and depressing. All I seem to hear about is woman after woman getting pregnant, and how happy they are. Although I am happy for them, no one ever seems to stop and think about what I am going through, and how much it hurts to talk about how easy it was for all these women to get pregnant (one of these such women is my sister, whom I truly am very happy for). Here I am, unable to even have a period, and a little 17 year old has sex 5 times in her life and BAM! Instant baby. WTF!??

Anyway, I am finished ranting now. :o)
I will keep this as up to date as I possibly can.

For now, I am going to get my frustrations out by having some great sex with my hubby!

Later days.