My visit at the hospital

hi ppl. I am now 6 months 2 days prego. Yesterday i went to labor and delivery to check on the baby because i havent felt her much at all yesterday. the baby is ok, i was just really scared because she usually kicks me at least every hour or so but she wasnt. I called my dr and they told me to get checked. So I did and I also got checked again this morning and she is very healthy and kicking me alot right now which feels soooo good cus i know she is doing good. Just to let you all know, my first pregnancy ended up as a stillbirth at 23 weeks, which is the reason I was panicking yesterday, cus I really cant stand when babies die, especially when its my own. It was the hardest and worst experience in my life!!!!! Every day i thank God the minute i feel the baby kick for the first time of the day. When I went to the hospital yesterday, There were 2 nurses and oh my they were sooooo nice! They were reassuring me that everything is fine, they also told me to have a seat and gave me a big cup of water to drink and told me to take my time to relax. I am so relieved I chose to deliver at this hospital and very pleased with how they treated me yesterday. Cant wait til May which is when My baby will be born, or perhaps late April HOPEFULLY!!!!!!