We are pregnant. Smile My two children are 17 and 15 - and now a newborn come December. It is scary and very exciting!

I chose unisex names for my two children - not because they were unisex but because I loved the names and when they were born and I looked at them, they fit. Taylor (my son) and Riley (my daughter). We had orginally decided when we first met that if we had a daughter someday, her name would be Lily Anna. However, since then the name has been used a few times by couples we are relatively close to. (family and co-workers). I'd like to see names that flow with my two other children... A few names we like are Lilah, Grace, Lucas, Nathaniel. The more I say Lilah aloud, the more I love it - it is pretty, soft and feminine. Any suggestions? He is convinced we are having a boy... haha!