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I've been obsessed with names basically my whole life. I remember reading my mom's baby name book before I went to sleep when I was in elementary school. When I started writing I dove more deeply into the name books to find and create names for characters. The idea that a name can be "right" or "wrong" for a person has always been fascinating to me. You can fit the stereotype of your name or spend your whole life fighting against it. Some people will expect a Britney to be bubbly and peppy before they even meet them, or they will imagine a Victoria as a sultry vixen without even knowing what they look like. It can be a blessing and a curse.

There are so many other things to consider besides just the name itself. Nicknames can be just as important, sometimes more so. If it's the name you call your child daily then it should be though about before you name your child. Naming your child Richard because it was your grandfather's name sounds great until people start shortening it to Dick. I don't understand why some parents choose to name their children some things. You need to consider everything before saddling your child with a name that will be thiers forever. Even initials can be hurtful if they spell something like HAG.

I'm currently TTC and I've already started formulating my name list for later. I've always had a name handy, my favorite name of the day, but now I'm finding that actually naming my child is guiding my name search in different direction. There is also the fact that my boyfriend is Mexican, so choosing a name that sounds ok in English and Spanish has provided an extra challenge. Here is my list as of today:

Ray Alfredo
Donovan Earl
Donovan Earl Alfredo
Enrique Alfredo

Lola Jean
Evangeline Maria
Sierra Rose
Sienna Rose
Evita Luisa
Bianca Kelli

Feel free to leave input on the names if you're reading this. I can use all the help I can get.