Names--Oh Boy Here We Go Again...LOL

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The one argument that I have yet to have with the kid's dad.What to name this baby.Since I don't know if the baby is a boy or girl,do I wait until I find out or plan ahead and start researching both?I got to name both of the boys so is it only fair to let Ron choose?I don't know....He seems to pick names that are out of my comfort zone.I am mostly Irish and Native American and feel comfortable giving my kids names based on my heritage.He likes odd Southern sounding names that are long and drawn out.Who is right?

I imagine others have been in this spot as well.So if anyone has any ideas,please let me know how you solved the issue.I don't want a name war erupting....seems so trivial.Well except when it comes to your little one eh?I like Irish names that are unusual and no one is currently naming their child the exact same thing.I see it all the time.You call for Jonathan or Natalie and every kid in the class raises their hand.We will have to see.