neg tests this would be number 2 missed period

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I am 25, never missed a period unless I was pregnant. I could of gotten pregnant at many points this month. I took out my paraguard on the 13th *no horomones) my uterus feels like a lump now like there is something in it. since this is my second baby I heard thats normal. I also pee atleast 35 to 40 times a day now, my breasts are tender off and on, extra spit and clearish white discharge no smell. I am also late 5 to 7 days on my period now. 6 negative HPT too. Do you think im pregnant, or could it be the IUD removal? The paraguard center said I should of started my period. I also know the copper iud is only like sperm killer. pleasseeee let me know...

last period dec 28th IUD removed on the 13th now its feb 5th