Are you pregnant and feel like your emotional fluctuation is becoming tough on you and your family?

Are you currently Nesting and feeling like the need to continuosly make changes in your home to prepare for the baby?

Are you feeling like you’re generally not prepared for the baby’s arrival and things like creating the baby’s room is still not completed?

Has your pregnacy also made you become more concerned about your self image and given you an increased level of anxiety?

If you are an expectant parent and would like assistance with your situation and are willing to have your case documented on TV, please contact us via email at
Please email us the following information:
Contact: * Your Story/Case (Be as descriptive as possible about how you are currently feeling as an expectant parent and your readiness to bring your baby home)

* Pictures of yourself (parents to be, other children)

* Pictures of your home, (inside and out)

* Details about yourself (Full Name, Age, Full Mailing Address, Occupation, Short Bio about yourself)