Never give birth at the same place twice

I'm in the 2WW right now. I O'd last Wednesday but I'm already taking HPTs. LOL! This would be Baby #4 for us. Right now we have two boys and one girl. The boys are 10 years old and 16 months old. The girl is 6 years old. Big age spans, I know. This is my second marriage so that's part of the reason. For DS #1 I got pregnant with him while I was a senior in college. DH and I had were already married. DS was born in Washington DC in June 2000. A few years later we decided to hav another baby. I got pregnant with DD the first month of trying. By this time we had moved out of the UMCP college town and bought a cute little townhouse just outside of Baltimore. I had graduated college a year after DS was born. A few weeks into my second pregnancy DH and I decided to split up. We knew that it would be best to wait until the baby was at least a year old. DD was born in a community hospitial between DC and Baltimore in February 2004. We ended up seperating two years after she was born. DS was in kindergarten. I did the single mom thing for a few years and loved it! I also hated that feeling that my life was "stuck." I had always dreamed of having more children. During this time I would date but I mainly enjoyed being single since the children were so young. January of 2008 I met a man who I really clicked with. Flashforward 18 months and we're getting married. I'm 7 months pregnant at the time. Baby #3 was actually planned. We just thought that since we were "old" it would take awhile to get pregnant. Nope, first month of trying. Baby #3 was born in Baltimore September 2009. It is now time to TTC Baby #4. This baby will be born in yet another hospital.